Barcode Labels

This topic is intended for Independent pharmacies only and is not applicable to Rexall pharmacies.

You have the option to select the number of barcode auxiliary labels that print for each prescription label, as well as the print location for each barcode. This feature is useful if your auxiliary labels range from lighter to darker colours; choose to print the barcode on a light colour label, as the imaging scanner will not be able to read a barcode on a dark background. The barcode can be affixed to prescription related documents. When batch scanned, Propel Rx reads the barcode and automatically attaches the document to the associated prescription.

A barcode auxiliary label is not available for Daily Laser labels.

To set up the barcode label:

  1. Select More > Pharmacy.

  2. Select the Rx Detail tab.

  3. Select the Label Preferences button beside the Label Type field. The Label Preferences window opens for the corresponding label set.

  4. Dropdown the auxiliary label field that you want the barcode to print on.

  5. Select OK. The Label Preferences window closes.

  6. Select Save.

    The change will take effect once PHS (for half labels) or CPS (for thermal labels) is restarted.